Is it done with Facebook? After all the privacy scandals and the people who have cancelled their accounts, you would think Facebook Hyves is backward and about a few is nothing more than an extinct animal species. Maybe not quite… after a decrease in the number of users in the Netherlands in 2018 and 2019, Facebook was working on a slight comeback in 2020.

With 7,1 million daily users over 15, it is still the most common social medium. In other words, more than 3/4 of the Dutch people are still active on Facebook and half daily. This still makes Facebook very interesting as an ad channel, depending on your target audience.

In the case of young people under 20, children’s use is rapidly decreasing, but in the case of the over 40 people, there is a slight increase in users. Even over the age of 80, 6 out of 10 are currently active on Facebook.


After Facebook, Instagram is currently number 2 in terms of daily use. Since 2013 Instagram has been working on an enormous advance. It seems a little weak now because more than 80% of young people already use Instagram and more than half of it daily, but if you want to reach a younger target group, Instagram seems to be the perfect tool.


On Youtube, it is noticed that the number of users is no longer growing. It is mainly because the majority of the Netherlands already use Youtube. But you can see that people use Youtube much more often, and the frequency and the duration of the viewing increase dramatically. The average Dutchman has been on Youtube for over an hour a day and although we are still watching much more television, Youtube seems to be taking over this function slowly. Advertising on Youtube is still relatively cheap because only a few big parties are advertising on Youtube. That, therefore, offers opportunities for small and medium-sized enterprises who want to go on this relatively virgin advertising channel.

What does the youngest target group use?

The Chinese Tiktok started in 2016 with an app that allowed you to make short dance or playback videos of up to 15 seconds. More than 100 million Chinese have been using the app within one year, and Tiktok has been launched internationally. In the Netherlands, Tiktok is now mainly responsible for young people and is on a fast-paced advance among young people.


Finally, LinkedIn. The number of users is not increasing very much here. The number of users has remained stable for years at about 1 out of 3 adult Dutch people. However, as with Youtube, the frequency of use has increased significantly. Daily use increased by as much as 26% over the past year. This has made LinkedIn even more interesting, especially advertising on the B-to-B market. The improved timeline, hashtags, and blogs clarify that people are more involved in this medium.

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