How do you find the right employees? Unfortunately, it is almost a bigger problem for many companies than getting more customers in; how do I recruit enough employees to serve my customers?

Many entrepreneurs find it difficult. They are already swamped working for their customers, and then I have to go out of job vacancies and start taking time-consuming interviews. I don’t have time for it, but it must. As a company, you can’t grow without taking on people and your staff’s quality largely determines your company’s success.

How do I find people with quality?

Make sure many people are applying so I have a better chance of getting the right person out for my company. But yes, I open up a vacancy, and there is only a tiny response to it and therefore not suitable candidates. How do I fix that?

The problem is not that there are not enough people applying. Indeed, unemployment is low. Many people already have a job. But also in the years before it was mainly the people who already had a job, who applied. Especially in the Netherlands, people find their work boring soon and always look for “something better”. So the offer of applicants has hardly decreased. The problem is mainly on the side of the question. A much larger number of companies are on the same amount of job seekers. And these companies are making more and more effort and are spending more and more resources on getting those job seekers to apply to them.

How can I attract enough applicants?

Well, by attracting new employees to do the same as winning customers. Through Recruiting Marketing. What is Recruiting Marketing? To show the right audience how attractive your business is to them. All the big companies already do this but how can I beat it in the fight to attract employees? Well, identify the benefits you have as a smaller company compared to a larger company.

For example, the advantage of working at a smaller company is that fewer employees have a broader scope of work per employee. So the result is often more varied in a small business. What about less bureaucracy, more opportunities to show yourself and therefore more appreciation. If you have a lot to do with the general manager-major shareholder in a small business, you will never be a number.

Don’t forget to look at your competition. What do they put in their vacancies? And how can I better communicate the unique benefits my company has in my job openings? Simply the person who can best convey the nice things of working at his company to his target group seduces most applicants. And if you can beat the competition in that, you’ll get a considerable amount of applications on your desk in no time.

Stars of the Net has tremendous experience with Recruitment Marketing to attract large applicants in various industries. Our method always works, even for difficult jobs to fill. Would you like to hear how our strategy works? Schedule a call appointment now. It doesn’t cost you anything and you’ll always get wiser.

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